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[texts]The Thistle and the Rose - Amy Walton (circa 1845-1925)
A gently moving story for girls. Anna is aged fifteen, and her father needs to go abroad on business for a while. Her mother had died before Anna could remember. Anna is to go to Dornton to stay while her father is away, and she is looking forward to meeting her relatives, including her grandfather, who had been estranged from her father for many years. The grandfather is living quietly in a small house "with no servants" and has a job as organist in Dornton church...
Keywords: Athelstane; Walton; thistle; rose; dornton; anna; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 380
[texts]Etheldreda the Ready - Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey (1857-1917)
The first edition of this book is dated 1910. The edition used is dated 1920. The publisher was Cassell & Co, Ltd, London, New York, Toronto & Melbourne. The number of pages is 316. The life of a family of teenage girls in Edwardian times. ============================================ Jessie Bell (Mrs. Henry Mansergh, Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey), 1857-1917. Jessie Bell, later Mrs. Henry Mansergh, and then Mrs...
Keywords: Athelstane; Horne; Vaizey; Etheldreda; Ready; HTML; PDF
Downloads: 539
[texts]Working in the Shade - Rev. T.P. Wilson (d. 1881)
When he wrote "Frank Oldfield" some ten years before this book, and won a literary prize with it, Wilson showed that he was an author who could write a good story round a moral theme, and hold his readers' attention. This is just such a book. You could look at it as no more than a very hard-hitting sermon on the theme of Selfishness, but it is well-written enough, with various episodes of selfishness leading to disaster, and unselfishness leading heavenwards...
Keywords: Athelstane; Wilson; Working; Shade; HTML; PDF
Downloads: 393
[texts]Trapped by Malays - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This is good lively yarn by the master of suspense. There is continuous action throughout the book, and you are kept on your toes wondering how we are going to get through the latest apparent disaster. Sometimes just a little reminiscent of The Middy and the Ensign, set in a similar location, with similar personnel, but different enough to escape too much criticism. Makes a good audiobook. George Manville Fenn lived from 1831 to 1909, and was a prolific writer of boys' adventure stories...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Trapped; Malays; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 883
[texts]Christie Redfern's Troubles - Margaret Robertson (1821-1897)
This author's books tend to be a bit religious, and this is no exception. On the mother's death the Redfern family moved to Canada, where there was a strong Scottish tradition, with preacher and kirk much as they had been in Scotland, and with many of the services in Gaelic, the language which many of these Scottish emigrants had spoken since their birth. The family settle on a small farm, bringing up the children, including Christie, in a good Christian manner...
Keywords: Athelstane; Robertson; Margaret; Christie; Redfern; Troubles; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 274
[texts]Our Frank - Amy Walton (circa 1845-1925)
Here we have half-a-dozen short stories, in that wonderful Amy Walton style, so very evocative of dear England as it used to be. Frank thinks life at home is a bit hard, as his father expects so much of him, so he runs away. After several adventures he finds himself in a very awkward situation, as the young companion he had fallen in with turns out to be a thief. Luckily the thief’s victim realises that Frank is not a bad lad after all, makes no charge against him, and even takes him home...
Keywords: Athelstane; Walton; Amy; Frank; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 325
[texts]The Gold that Glitters - Emily Sarah Holt (1836-1893)
The action in this little book comes just at the point in British History where Charles the First had been executed, and his son and heir was on the run. The famous incident where Colonel Lane hides the young King up in an oak tree was recently past. Young Jenny is a sixteen-year-old living on a farm, but she has reached the age where so many teenagers have disagreements with their parents, and she decides to find a way to leave home...
Keywords: Athelstane; Emily; Sarah; Holt; Gold; Glitters; HTML; PDF
Downloads: 356
[texts]The Rover's Secret - Harry Collingwood (1851-1922), pseudonym
It was a bit puzzling to to work out who or what the Rover was, and what the secret was. The word Rover is not mentioned once in the body-text of the book, and the word secret only three or four times. However, eventually I sussed it out. The Rover is a pirate who figures enough in the book for one to be aware he is there. He is mortally wounded, and in the last chapter he tells his secret before he dies, thus providing an explanation for several other puzzling things that we have been told, or ...
Keywords: Athelstane; Harry; Collingwood; Rover; Secret; HTML; PDF
Downloads: 927
[texts]The Ocean Cat's-Paw - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
Here we have a full-length book by an excellent author at the very top of his powers. The time is set at the end of the Napoleonic War, and continues into the ensuing peace. The young hero is first found fishing in a Dartmoor stream, when he is interrupted by the arrival of a young Frenchman, who, it turns out, has just escaped from Dartmoor, where the prisoners-of-war were being kept. Rodd helps him to hide from pursuit...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Ocean; Cat's-Paw; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 537
[texts]To Win or to Die - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This is a tough tale about tough men. Right from the first chapter we are living with men who are fighting for survival, the enemy being as often as not other men who would rob them. Chapter after chapter leaves the heroes in some new desperate plight, which, when overcome, is almost at once replaced by yet another one. It is not a very long book, and it is very well illustrated, but it is a breathless race from one peril to the next...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Win; Die; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 506
[texts]Nearly Lost But Dearly Won - Rev. T.P. Wilson (d. 1881)
Wilson wrote several books around the end of the 1870s. He had won a prize some ten years previously for the best book assessed by The Band of Hope, a Society devoted to helping the young never to take up drinking. This present book gives you the impression that it might well have been another one written to be entered into the competition. Anyway, if it was, it didn’t win. It's quite a good story, but I think its trouble is, that it is neither a book that would appeal directly to teenagers, w...
Keywords: Athelstane; Wilson; Nearly; Lost; Dearly; Won; HTML; PDF
Downloads: 385
[texts]The Life of Christ
A PDF of scans is provided. The HTML version is not yet available. This book, The Life of Christ, is a superbly scholarly work, by an extremely able author who was not only a theologian and a senior churchman in the Church of England (Archdeacon of Westminster and Chaplain-in-ordinary to Queen Victoria), but also a senior schoolmaster, having in his time been Headmaster of Marlborough College. The book is well laid out and is easy to follow, despite the use of many long words which are no longe...
Keywords: Athelstane; Farrar; Life; Christ; PDF
Downloads: 2,426
[texts]Sisters Three - Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey (1857-1917)
A very well-written book about the life of three sisters being brought up in the Lake District of northern England by their well-known author father. The time comes when one of them is of an age to get married. Which eligible young man shall she take? She makes her choice, and the preparations reach a very advanced state, when she realises she cannot go through with it. Of course, it is just a bit dated; for instance young men are judged by the size and quality of their moustaches, a practice lo...
Keywords: Athelstane; Horne; Vaizey; Sisters; Three; HTML; PDF
Downloads: 776
[texts]Overdue - Harry Collingwood (1851-1922), pseudonym
Another very well-written book by Collingwood. As he was a naval architect you can rely upon his descriptions of the deck and sails of a vessel of the mid nineteenth century, the period of which he writes. Our hero, the 17-year-old midshipman of the Salamis, is suddenly given the job of going aboard and taking command of the Mercury, an emigrant ship that they find drifting in mid-ocean, all her officers having died in various accidents, and the illiterate bosun and the ship’s carpenter knowin...
Keywords: Athelstane; Collingwood; Overdue; Mercury; Salamis; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 543
[texts]A College Girl - Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey (1857-1917)
Here is a book about the young girl and her awakening to the world by this talented author. Darsie, the heroine, is selected by an old aunt to come and spend a year or so as her companion. The old woman tries to coach Darsie in matters of deportment and behaviour. This would be pretty odious if it were not for the presence locally of a young family of boys and girls of Darsie's age, whom, being rich and living rather grandly, the aunt allows Darsie to know...
Keywords: Athelstane; Horne; Vaizey; College; Girl; HTML; PDF
Downloads: 1,288
[texts]The Independence of Claire - Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey (1857-1917)
This is a rather typical Horne Vaizey book, about the life led by young well-brought-up women in Edwardian times. Worries about money, about who to marry, whether to go or not to parties to be given by elderly hostesses, about clothes, about hair-styles, and even, as so often in this author's books, with a bit of illness thrown in as well. There's a time when Claire seems on the way to making a big mistake, but it all gets sorted out in the end...
Keywords: Athelstane; Horne; Vaizey; Independence; Claire; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 352
[texts]The Pirate of the Mediterranean - W.H.G. Kingston (1814-1880)
The first edition of this book is dated 1851. The edition used is dated 1851. The publisher was George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., London (NY EP Dutton) The number of pages is 395. General information A long book--nineteen hours--full of adventure and tense situations. I was a bit disappointed to find that the Pirate was a Greek who preyed mostly upon Italian, Greek and Turkish vessels in the Eastern Mediterranean, because I had hoped that Kingston would address himself to the problem in the previou...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Pirate; Mediterranean; HTML; PDF
Downloads: 1,005
[texts]The Trapper's Son - W.H.G. Kingston (1814-1880)
The first edition of this book is dated 1873. The edition used is dated 1873. The publisher was Gall & Inglis, London and Edinburgh. The number of pages is 123. General information A very short book, set in North America some time in the nineteenth century, at a time when Indian tribes were still hunting over the land--Crees, Dacotahs, Peigans. An old trapper and his son are preparing for the winter, when their horses are found dead, killed either by wolves or by Indians...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Trapper; Son; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 621
[texts]The Madman and the Pirate - R.M. Ballantyne (1825-1894)
The first edition of this book is dated 1883. The publisher was Nisbet & Co. Ltd., 22 Berners St., London. The number of pages is 238. The Madman, Antonio Zeppa, is abandoned on Ratinga, an island in the Pacific, where there later appears a miserable ex-pirate called Richard Rosco. The two start up a sort of love-hate relationship. The natives put Rosco on a fire to burn him at the stake, but he is rescued by Zeppa, who carries him up to his cave in the mountains, and tends to his injured feet...
Keywords: Athelstane; Ballantyne; Madman; Pirate; Zeppa; Rosco; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 658
[texts]The Pirate City, an Algerine Tale - R.M. Ballantyne (1825-1894)
This book faithfully recounts some of the events leading up to the day in 1816 when Admiral Lord Exmouth led an expedition to force Algiers, and other North African cities, to capitulate. They had been under Turkish control for several centuries, during which they had raided European and American shipping, taking, over the years, up to a million white slaves. The author has made a very good story of the period leading up to this Britih Naval intervention...
Keywords: Athelstane; Ballantyne; Algiers; Pirates; Moors; PDF; HTML; djvu; prc; fb2
Downloads: 1,476
[texts]Flaming June - Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey (1857-1917)
This book is a little different from most of the others from this author. The cast of the story are just a shade older than we are used to in Vaizey books, and there is no one who is afflicted with a disabling disease, such as the author herself suffered from. I suppose you could describe the setting as the upper-class Mayfair set. The scene opens in the house of a tidy old spinster, living in a tidy little seaside town, in a row of large houses of similar people, sharing private access to a wel...
Keywords: Athelstane; Horne; Vaizey; Flaming; June; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 954
[texts]The Two Shipmates - W.H.G. Kingston (1814-1880)
This is only a short book, taking no more than three and a half hours to read aloud, but it is beautifully written, and it packs a punch. The two people designated as shipmates start off at the beginning of the book as reasonably close friends, but a weakness for alcohol causes Dick Bracewell to behave more and more badly, while the real hero, Ralph Michelmore, despite being taken by the Press-gang, behaves more and more nobly as the story progresses...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Shipmates; Amity; Falcon; Bracewell; HTML; PDF; TXT; ZIP
Downloads: 620
[texts]To the West - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
At fifteen hours this is a fairly long book for this author. It starts with two young men working as clerks in the offices of a tyrannical auctioneer. Fed up with his unpleasant behaviour they give up their jobs and determine to set out for British Columbia. To get there they must take passage in a ship going round the Horn, and up to San Francisco. Then they have to make their way further up the coast to their destination...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; West; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 912
[texts]The Kitchen Cat - Amy Walton (circa 1845-1925)
This book is a collection of short stories. There doesn't seem to be much information easily available about Amy Walton. She is not mentioned in "The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature". She wrote several books, mainly for children, and published over a rather short period of her life. At the same time as she was writing there was another writer, Amy May Walton, and yet a third, Mrs. O.C. Walton...
Keywords: Athelstane; Walton; Amy; Kitchen; Cat; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 631
[texts]Principles and Practice: the Orphan Family - Harriet Martineau (1802-1876)
This book was written in the earliest part of the nineteenth century, and its author was only in her twenties when she wrote it. Basically the story illustrates how at that time an ordinary decent family, perhaps with its finances already a bit stretched with the effort of educating several children, would be completely ruined if the wage-earner were to die. If there was any income at all it might be reckoned in tens of pounds a year, and the greatest economy would have to be exercised to make t...
Keywords: Athelstane; Harriet; Martineau; Principles; Practice; Orphan; Family; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 446
[texts]The Middy and the Moors - R.M. Ballantyne (1825-1894)
The first edition of this book is dated 1883. The edition used is dated 1883. The publisher was James Nisbet & Co. Ltd., 22 Berners St., London. The number of pages is 246. Until about 1817 the Algerine pirates were a great nuisance, capturing vessels in the Mediterranean and beyond, and even making raiding excursions as far afield as the shores of England. They made slaves of the Europeans they captured, and over the centuries more than a million people were made into slaves...
Keywords: Athelstane; Ballantyne; Algiers; Pirates; Middy; Moors; Hester; Peter; HTML; PDF; djvu; prc; fb2
Downloads: 745
[texts]The Cliff Climbers - Captain Mayne Reid (1818-1883)
The book begins with two young brothers and an Indian guide, in a valley in the Himalayas, into which they had ascended with some difficulty in the preceding book--"The Plant Hunters". Unfortunately they find they cannot get out at the top of the valley, and they cannot go back the way they came. So they are stuck. They try various ingenious ideas for getting out, each of which appears as though it would work, but in the end does not, usually in a quite entertaining way...
Keywords: Athelstane; Mayne; Reid; Cliff; Climbers; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 822
[texts]The Boy Slaves - Captain Mayne Reid (1818-1883)
This is an excellent book, telling of the adventures of three midshipmen and a much older sailor from a British warship that goes aground off the coast of Africa, well offshore, and sinks with all hands. However these four find themselves afloat on a spar, which they paddle with their hands for several days until they reach the shore of Africa. Shortly after this they are taken prisoner by some Arabs, who intend to take them north to a town where they can be sold as slaves...
Keywords: Athelstane; Mayne; Reid; Boy; Slaves; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 1,284
[texts]The Pirate Slaver - Harry Collingwood (1851-1922), pseudonym
The first edition of this book is dated 1895. The edition used is dated about 1910. It was an edition in which two sixpenny prints of George Manville Fenn books in small type, and with two columns per large page, were bundled with it, all in the same binding. The quality of the binding is superb, but the quality of the printing and the paper used do not quite match it. The publisher was Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge...
Keywords: Athelstane; Collingwood; Pirate; Slaver; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 686
[texts]Betty Trevor - Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey (1857-1917)
This book concerns a family where the children consist of a couple of boys, and a few more than that of girls. They live in a Square in London, which bears the name of an existing London Square, but which is placed, according to the story, in quite a different place to the real one. The children are fascinated by the occupants of the various other houses, some of whom they gradually get to know. The children grow up, the boys are away doing interesting things, and the girls become interested in ...
Keywords: Athelstane; Horne; Vaizey; Betty; Trevor; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 656
[texts]The Woodcutter of Gutech - W.H.G. Kingston (1814-1880)
A very short book, and a fairly early one of the author's. The subject matter is the early days of the Reformation, and the time at which the Roman Church was trying to prevent ordinary people from reading the Bible in general, and the Gospels in particular. The Woodcutter with his son and his donkey are working in the forest, one evening, when a man asks them for directions to get out of the forest...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Woodcutter; Gutech; HTML; PDF
Downloads: 598
[texts]A Pirate of the Caribbees - Harry Collingwood (1851-1922), pseudonym
A very well-written book about the efforts of a young officer, Courtenay, to bring to book a wicked pirate, Morillo. It all seems very likely and believable, despite the usual ration of shipwrecks, captures, hurricanes, founderings, and so forth. Makes a very good audiobook. NH. Harry Collingwood (1851-1922). Pseudonym of William Joseph Cosens Lancaster, a civil engineer who specialised in seas and harbours...
Keywords: Athelstane; Collingwood; pirate; caribbees; Courtenay; Morillo; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 939
[texts]The King's Esquires - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This excellent book is, as always with this author, a constant succession of tense moments. Dated at the beginning of the 1500s, the action starts in the Court of the King of France. He is fretting because at some time in the past, when the English ruled part of France, one of the French Crown Jewels, a beautiful ruby, was taken from France and put among the English Crown Jewels. So Francis, the King, decides on going to England on a visit to the English King, the young Henry the Eighth, finding...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; King's; Esquires; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 350
[texts]'Tention - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
A young private, Penton Gray, known as Pen, is injured during an engagement in the Peninsular War. When he comes to he finds that the boy bugler, Punch, from his regiment, is lying injured close by. The British troops are near, but the area where the boys are is occupied by the French, who are the enemy. The boys need to recover from their wounds, and then to get back to their regiment. They have numerous adventures, and meet several people who help them, including the deposed Spanish King...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Tention; HTML; PDF
Downloads: 888
[texts]The Fortunes of the Farrells - Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey (1857-1917)
Old Mr. Bernard Farrell is known to be immensely rich. No one in his family has seen him for ages. Suddenly he turns up, and is invited to stay for a few days, as he isn't very well. His proposition is, that he would like various of his nephews and nieces to come and stay with him for quite a long time, so that he might gauge which of them should receive the greater part of his wealth after he dies...
Keywords: Athelstane; Horne; Vaizey; Fortunes; Farrells; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 597
[texts]Syd Belton - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
The book opens with a domestic scene with the boy Sydney having just finished dinner with his father, a Captain in the navy, and his uncle, an Admiral. They are discussing Syd's career, which the two old gentlemen hope will be as a naval officer. Syd, however has other ideas: he has been on his rounds with the local doctor, and thinks that he might like to be a doctor, too. The time of the story is in the middle of the eighteenth century, but the only real evidence of this is the fact of people ...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Syd; Belton; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 699
[texts]The Penang Pirate - John Conroy Hutcheson (1840-1897)
This is a fairly short book, consisting of two short stories. The first of these, "The Penang Pirate", describes how the Captain of the "Hankow Lin", suspecting that there might be a piratical attack on his vessel on her return voyage from Canton to Australia, lays plans to spoil the pirates' fun. As a result of this the attacking pirate vessel is soundly beaten, but there were some interesting events and confrontations before they actually met the pirate schooner...
Keywords: Athelstane; Hutcheson; Penang; Pirate; Lost; Pinnace; HTML; PDF
Downloads: 699
[texts]The Billow and the Rock - Harriet Martineau (1802-1876)
It is the time of the 1745 Rebellion, when the adherents of Prince Charles, the Pretender to the Throne, landed in Scotland, and started to march towards London. Lord Carse, and his friend Lord Lovat, are fearful that Lady Carse, who has some knowledge and evidence of their political beliefs, may betray them. So they abduct her from her home in Edinburgh and have her taken away to a remote island in the Outer Hebrides...
Keywords: Athelstane; Harriet; Martineau; Billow; Rock; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 764
[texts]Cormorant Crag - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
In this excellent book of smuggling life on the south coast of England, dating about 1830, from some of the passing comments made by the author, we read of the adventures of two boys living on a small off-shore island. One is the son of the local doctor, the other the son of the squire, or owner of the land round about. The boys are friendly with an old fisherman called Daygo. It is thought that he is of Spanish descent, from the Armada, but despite his name and appearance, he denies it...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Cormorant; Crag; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 410
[texts]Big Game - Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey (1857-1917)
A charming little book. The son of the family aspires to be a poet, much to his father's annoyance: he ought to have a proper job in the family firm. His sister hits on a plan to get his work published, which would be a step in the right direction, one that might help to change the father's mind. She discovers that the editor of a poetry magazine always takes a holiday in a very remote hotel in the Scottish highlands, so she books a holiday for them in the same hotel...
Keywords: Athelstane; Horne; Vaizey; Big; Game; HTML; PDF
Downloads: 674
[texts]Tom Trueman the Sailor - W.H.G. Kingston (1814-1880)
Tom Trueman is the fourth child of a large family. The father is killed in an accident, and the mother has to try to earn enough money to feed and clothe them, let alone send them to school. So the older children have to find work. Tom decides he will go to sea, and he finds a kindly ship's captain in the nearby port, due to sail in a few days' time. The "Rose" is sailing on a two or three year voyage round the Horn and then to various places in the Pacific...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Tom; Trueman; Sailor; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 605
[texts]Tom And Some Other Girls - Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey (1857-1917)
You would be mistaken if you thought this was going to be a book about a girl called Thomasina, for it is actually about a girl call Rhoda Chester. Rhoda has been brought up as the child of rich parents. Her brothers have done well, but she has been kept at home, and has been taught by governesses and other visiting tutors. The German fraulein goes to her own home in Germany for a holiday, where she gets married and never comes back...
Keywords: Athelstane; Horne; Vaizey; Tom; Other; Girls; HTML; PDF
Downloads: 547
[texts]The Pirate Island - Harry Collingwood (1851-1922), pseudonym
A very exciting story. It starts with a severe gale on the Essex coast of England. A rescue is effected, as a result of which one of the local fishermen generously adopts an orphan boy they find on the sinking ship. Years later a number of young people set out on a return voyage by sea to Australia. On the return voyage there is a disastrous fire on board their ship, the Galatea, as a result of which they and the crew take to the boats...
Keywords: Athelstane; Collingwood; Pirate; Island; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 961
[texts]True to his Colours - Rev. T.P. Wilson (d. 1881)
I cannot truthfully say that I enjoyed transcribing this book. That might be to say that Reverend Wilson would not approve of me, for I enjoy a beer or a glass of wine occasionally, but never to excess. But Wilson was, as ever, fulminating against the Demon Drink, that is to say, against the Demon that can take over people’s lives, and bring misery to their wives and children, for this does happen, even to this day...
Keywords: Athelstane; Wilson; True; Colours; HTML; PDF
Downloads: 429
[texts]A Houseful of Girls - Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey (1857-1917)
Another book by Mrs de Horne Vaizey, also known as Jessie Mansergh, about the lives of five girls in one family, and their friends, in Edwardian times. Of course every time there is a major event, such as an engagement, or the cancellation of one, the different girls all have different takes on the situation. Jessie Bell (Mrs. Henry Mansergh, Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey), 1857-1917. Jessie Bell, later Mrs...
Keywords: Athelstane; Horne; Vaizey; Houseful; Girls; HTML; PDF
Downloads: 731
[texts]The Maidens' Lodge - Emily Sarah Holt (1836-1893)
The story opens in 1712, and is a story of the habits, customs, loves and hates of a gentle family of those days. We pay particular attention to two young women, Rhoda and Phoebe. Of course your reviewer never did live in those days, but the style of life of these minor grandees seems to ring true, as one would expect of this skilled author. As with her other historical novels, the reader seems to feel pulled into the contemporary scene of those days and that class: their foolish airs and graces...
Keywords: Athelstane; Emily; Sarah; Holt; Maidens; Lodge; HTML; PDF
Downloads: 492
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